Recognize Your Inner Fullness

We all seek to move beyond our limitations. Yet often the more we struggle with circumstances of the physical, mental or relational, the more engulfed we become. Like fighting the strong current of an undertow, efforts to resist the water's power pull us even deeper.


Vedanta can relieve this human conflict by unfolding a unique, bigger picture view.  It is a non-sectarian, spiritually based knowledge that has no cultural, spiritual or geographic borders and can get you through the undertows, by revealing your inner fullness which is ever available to you.

Gentle Stream

Meditation and informed mindfulness provide the way to steer your mind in the right direction. Developing an aware, mindful state of being has many benefits that flow into your life. By learning to be an impartial witness to your thoughts, your mind becomes more objective, dispassionate, and responsive instead of reactive. This gives rise to more positive interactions that result in better outcomes, deeper, stronger connections, and ultimately through understanding, frees you from any sense of limitation.


Managing the Mind and Beyond

Meditation Class

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Current Programs and Classes:

  • South Florida Residents: Please use the Contact link in this website for additional information on how you can participate in these sessions.  

  • Online Participants: Sessions are based on demand and response.  Please click on the Contact link to request further information. 



My goal is to offer teaching and meditation programs that address  the challenges everyone faces.  By right understanding and self-discovery, you can develop a perspective that allows you to navigate through life’s constant changes, move past them and abide in your own centered Self - no matter what you are facing. Please contact me to find out more and about how to participate in these programs.

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