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Soul, Spirit, Essence

If you’ve ever wondered what the terms soul, spirit or essence mean, you are not alone. These concepts have been sending people on spiritual journeys of discovery throughout human history trying to understand the true meaning of notions that seem to defy definition yet they also seem to refer directly to us. We sense they are important and extraordinary in fact, but struggle with how they relate to us on a personal level. It’s a little like trying to relate to a cloud or to the wind. We know it’s there and can be extremely powerful, but it seems out of our mental reach. To fully grasp the true meaning does take a bit of unfolding or unwrapping the layers of understanding from one discovery t


My goal is to offer teaching and meditation programs that address  the challenges everyone faces.  By right understanding and self-discovery, you can develop a perspective that allows you to navigate through life’s constant changes, move past them and abide in your own centered Self no matter what you are up against. Please contact me to find out more and about how to participate in these programs.