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The Orders of Reality – Why Knowing What They Are Makes All The Difference

Everyone everywhere has their own take on what life is all about and also what they perceive as what is real vs. what is unreal. From a certain perspective nobody can really argue with another person about whether what they perceive is real or not. Why? Because we all have our own individual perspectives and experiences that, from where we each sit, are valid in how we perceive the world – even though that perception might not be wholly accurate. Due to these variations of what is real and unreal, conflicts, delusions, misinterpretations and often grave errors are committed that only cause further problems/challenges/upheavals.

It stands to reason that there must be some way to know/perceive what is real and unreal so that there is common ground which would make all of the difference in focusing and choosing more objective approaches which in turn would save everyone a lot of grief and aggravation. More importantly, it would provide a platform of objectivity that provides the individual with the opportunity to rise above and/or go beyond the unreal and thus become free from all the spin that never really ends and was and is ultimately never really real in the first place.

The question then arises, how do we come up with a commonly shared perspective that is logical, reasonable and does not brook any change to its definition much less it pulls the rug out from anyone’s feet.

While there may be many schools of thought out there that may accurately address this challenge, there is a definitive analysis found within the Vedantic tradition that nails it. Since the orders of reality defined therein are based in knowledge one cannot really challenge, dismiss or disagree with how they are defined. Just as in any other study, anything that is knowledge based is irrefutable. For instance, no one can dispute the fact that 2+2=4. Moreover, since these definitions really work, why would anyone want to refute them anyway? Conversely, if someone is feeling ornery, persnickety or otherwise fiesty and/or just wants to establish whether these definitions are true or not, they get to and they will then understand how and why they work.