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As human beings, we are intent on knowing the truth of things. The constant upheaval and change we experience in our lives stirs our minds to seek the truth in every situation because we believe the truth will set us free.

But as we struggle to find that certainty or truth from outside sources, the real security and sense of well-being lies within each of us. Reflecting on this and adjusting our understanding can open the door that we must then walk through.

It requires only that we shift our mind to become the observer or witness of conditions instead of attaching or associating our minds, thoughts or opinions with the situations at hand.

This takes practice and deliberate effort, but it is certainly a worthy pursuit.

As you begin to contemplate this, remember that you are the subject. You as the subject watch all the many changes going on in your environment and even in your own mind and body. You’ve been watching changes from the very first day your memory kicked in. So, if you’re watching the changes that occur in the world and in your mind and body, does that mean you are changing? You cannot be. If you were changing, you would never be able to register or recognize those changes.

If you are not that which you observe in the world, then what about your body? You cannot say your body is the subject because it’s on its own program changing constantly without your approval. Anything that is an object changes and our bodies are definitely changing all the time. The same can be said of the mind. Your mind is even worse than your body because it is changing like nobody’s business. You can begin to see that your mind and body are certainly changing, but your essential self is not changing because you are the subject and your mind and body are the objects you observe.

Objects that you perceive in the world around you, even your mind and body, are not you. They are simply objects of your perception. You are the subject, unchanging and therefore timeless and lasting.