Meditation: The practice of meditation serves many different purposes and has countless benefits. In this setting, meditation becomes a means to discover the inner serenity of yourself that then extends out to your everyday life. Coming from within it does not seem to be available in your ordinary outer everyday world. Yet even though it is imperceptible out there, it is still very much in evidence. Hence, there must be some mechanism by which it can be recognized, possessed and expressed whether you are actually sitting in meditation or not. The self-discovery that you find in the classes is backed up by meditation as it further empowers your recognition of Your Self.


My goal is to offer teaching and meditation programs that address  the challenges everyone faces.  By right understanding and self-discovery, you can develop a perspective that allows you to navigate through life’s constant changes, move past them and abide in your own centered Self - no matter what you are facing. Please contact me to find out more and about how to participate in these programs.

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