The whole idea for pursuing this study or inquiry is to help you become accustomed to focusing your mind on its essential, unchanging and infinite nature. Your mind is not used to doing that. Your mind is more familiar with going out in all directions, getting caught up in the finite and focusing on the constant changes happening all around. It has a tendency to identify with everything outside instead of focusing on that which is ever present and abiding.

As long as we identify with all those changes and with what is finite, our minds will continue to feel torn apart and divided. It is only by consciously shifting our mind and taking ownership of our true nature that we are able to achieve a steady and abiding mind. By making that shift and accepting that you are the one who is ever present, unchanging and therefore infinite, you are able to become unaffected by all the changes in the world. When you not only recognize, but truly take ownership of this fact about yourself, you can begin to focus on your own true nature instead of concentrating on everything else that is changing and finite.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be caught up with what is finite and always changing or to use the mind and make that important shift to dwell on yourself as one who is unaffected and abiding. By identifying with your innate self in this way, you step away from limitations. You are seeing yourself as who you are and with that, you naturally have no sense of being stuck, held back or in any way locked up. That’s what abiding is. That sense of freedom and well-being that is lasting. When you focus on your essence, even though you find yourself in the midst of many changes, you will begin to have a steady and abiding mind.

Your mind will begin to accept this different way of identifying with the world and its changes. The shift will be pleasant because the mind sees there is a sense of presence and calm in no longer suffering from a case of mistaken identity and feeling torn asunder by changes. A mind that can shift and focus in this direction is a mind that becomes and stays abiding.

This puts you in a space that endures and leaves you with that steady, abiding sense of well-being.


My goal is to offer teaching and meditation programs that address  the challenges everyone faces.  By right understanding and self-discovery, you can develop a perspective that allows you to navigate through life’s constant changes, move past them and abide in your own centered Self - no matter what you are facing. Please contact me to find out more and about how to participate in these programs.

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