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On the surface, it may seem difficult to see how pursuing a spiritual life would have any bearing on our physical world or the problems we face.

Spirituality, by its very nature is mysterious, mystical if you will. That’s why it can appear as if nothing is really there or at least not readily available to grab onto. Because it exists beneath the surface, you have to seek it out or somehow work at finding it and bringing it into focus. But anyone who has had an intuitive thought or simply felt the power of love, for example, knows there is a reality that exists beyond what we can easily see in the physical world or even describe.

Our lives are made up of multiple elements including the physical, emotional intellectual and the spiritual. For every person, each of these aspects can be present in different levels, sometimes changing from moment to moment.

The ideal is to create symmetry so each of these areas can work together in harmony and balance. If I’m too focused on my physical world, sooner or later my emotional, intellectual and spiritual life can suffer. Similarly, if I neglect my emotional well being, it can affect my physical health and so on. To ensure I’m as balanced as possible, it’s important to bring in that spiritual component because it truly can make everything work better.

A good analogy is right at your fingertips. Consider how important you